Mr. Nice Guy :)

Dear #diaryofalittlegirl, 

Sorry I haven’t been writing for the past days. I got real busy and totally forgot that I have a wordpress account-slash-diary. Anyways, things are pretty good now. I feel so free, maybe not really IDK. My week has been a great one except for what happened today. I mean, I wish I didn’t tell my parents that the PTC was today. I received bad news. I got a low grade on Social Studies. My teacher even invented that I was inlove or maybe I have a boyfriend. Like, ftw?! Then there comes Nash. Ever since my parents saw me hanging out with her and my friends, they started hating on her. I have no idea why but they said she’s a tomboy. They said I need to avoid her or else. I kinda got disappointed about it. Good news : #him and I are best friends now, kind of. We were sending SMS to each other and when I was sharing why I was disappointed, I feel extremely secure. Like seriously, he’s so nice and he gave me a good advice : “With trust in self…nothing is impossible:)” that’s what he told me. It doesn’t sound like it’s him who’s actually telling me that, right? I mean. He’s just so neutral and different but.. maybe I didn’t really know him that well. Soooo, hell week is here. I’m going to be reading books and studying and studying and studying. 

P.S. I hope everything will be okay on Monday and of course, #him and I.. closer than ever 🙂


Love, Nurizza :>


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