And it does really make my heart skip a beat.

Hi. I received good news from my mother this morning and I was so happy. It was about a thing between me and this boy last May-July 2011. I actually thought he didn’t love me anymore and left because he found another girl. I was wrong. I should’ve believed him. I jumped to hundreds of conclusion that time. This morning, my mother told me that his mother and she talked about us. There were stuff that I couldn’t mention since they’re really private. I don’t also want to share my love life easily [except for #him] these days especially in the internet. I don’t wanna publish things that are too personal.

Anyways, #her and I are friends now. We even talked, laughed, and she taught me how to dance the waltz. It’s for our PE dance and the polishing is on Monday. I’m glad we are. Even though sometimes it still hurts to see them together. My schedule this weekend is really crazy so I’m not yet sure if I can publish my posts. I have to practice for my PE dance and finish all of my requirements. And I even have to memorize my lines in our balagtasan next Thursday.

 Life like this.. it’s just so easy and difficult at the same time. 



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