I have no idea what to name this post.

I’m really busy this week with all of my requirements for school. I haven’t even accomplished any of it, yet. I have to memorize a 3 page balagtasan stuff. Things are really making me furious. Next, there goes our PE dance. I’m not a fan of being early and organized so whenever we have a practice, it’s always gonna be on lunch or dismissal and how the heck am I going to eat my lunch? I still believe that if I don’t eat my lunch, the food of course gets wasted and my mom will really scold me about it. I don’t wanna eat during recess time since it’s just a short break for snacks.

I’m also bothered because after Kc was sick, it was Athena’s turn. Athena’s leg really hurt and she’s been absent for the past days. I really don’t know what to do. I’m starting to make some of my requirements and memorize the balagtasan that Maam Lalie gave us. About #him and #her, they’re spending time with each other. Today, I saw them held hands because Nash told them to at the AVR 2. Bad news in their relationship? #him only texts #her for 5 minutes. 🙂 Hahahahaha!

I don’t wanna be mean to them. But I will have to admit that I still love #him at the same time, I miss my kinda-ex last May-June-July? I’m really hoping he could study here next year and be my classmate or schoolmate. I can’t wait to see him this summer but I know it’s really long. Anyways, #him and I are back to our selves again. We’re kinda friends now and we tease.. especially #him, a lot. So, yeah. I need to start with my requirements now. I’m gonna update stuff soon. Have a nice week 😀


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