Is it fading?

So today.. my classmates and I got into a really big trouble. I don’t wanna share and share it anymore. It’s really tiring and believe me, I really wanna sleep. So, today all the plans my friends and I are planning for has totally gone out. It has come out. Drago told Angel, Amber, Butchie, #him and Nicole and #him this afternoon. I didn’t know what to do because some girls were crying already and it was really awkward. I even saw #him gave me a look like, “this-is-your-fault-that’s-why-you-should-have-not-been-so-jealous.” kind of look.

Okay, puke. Seriously. It was pure drama and such. They won because Nash was the only one talking and Mona wouldn’t dare to talk because she was so angry. Actually, what I meant by “they” is #her’s team. It sucks to realize that he chose her. It was really obvious. Tomorrow he will be deciding between me and #her and I’m thinking real positive this time that he would choose me. But obviously, I know it’s still gonna be her. He’ll regret this, though. I know he will. He said sorry to Nash because of what he did or I don’t know, particularly.

Tomorrow, will be a wonderful day and he will choose me against her. He will realize that I did join the plan because I want him. I really do. It will be a wonderful day tomorrow. A new start from a long journey.


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